Dark Company: studio action

Dark Company convened for some studio action yesterday, with Pete laying down his vocal parts for Project Terminated from Dark Company’s forthcoming 12th album, as yet untitled, unpublished and unheard, except by us. We think you will love it!

We even filmed a bit of the action, with Pete recording the words “Project Terminated!” in a most Dalekish style using a purple toy megaphone encrusted with numerous red LED gems, which was all good fun. These things are possibly still available from Maplin should you fancy one yourself. They are only about £1.49 so how fabulous is that.

At some point when we have decent video editing software we shall upload this video, along with many others, to our rather dormant YouTube channel.

Due to Pete’s ever-deteriorating health, we are unable to run very long sessions and have to make the most of him when things are functioning.

Earlier today some cunning boffins with really, really big foreheads and gravy-stained white lab coats smelling faintly of mothballs made a beta mix of White Bird on Ivory from Dark Company‘s Ghost of the Art album. There are four more songs still to receive their upgrade from that particular album. Songs from Ghost of the Art will be uploaded to SoundCloud in the near future so you can hear and enjoy the progress we have made.

We shall let you know about this along with any other Dark Company developments in our News service, of course.