Dark Company: new photos uploaded

The photos from May 31st have now been uploaded to the Dark Company gallery. Some of them are great! Phil the Photographer would like to have another go and take some more in a different location on a more overcast day. No doubt we shall be uploading those as well.

We have removed all of the Bad Habits songs in order to reload the full beta mix of the whole album. Due to security and technical reasons we are having various issues with uploads of mp3s. A certain technician from a particular software company is refusing to answer our queries so we may have to release a squadron of pterydactyls with instructions to defecate on all his doorknobs. Hopefully we shall be able to upload the full beta album fairly soon. All the songs still need a little work and we hope the album will be finished by the end of August.

Pete has now finished all the voices and harmonicas for the Mind Dance collection, and Sven has now bashed things in his own unique way for almost half of those songs as well. We anticipate that it will not be horribly long before the whole collection is finalised. When we are able to reupload mp3s we shall provide a few alpha tracks for your enjoyment.