Dark Company: Alien Heat album revisited

While our engineers toil and sweat, incarcerated as they are in small gloomy hot recording studios, putting the finishing touches to Bad Habits, we have kept Pete busy by beginning work on some more old Dark Company material. Now that Mind Dance is sounding reasonably sorted for vocals, we have turned our attention to the Alien Heat album. Pete has so far recorded the vocals for Abnormal and Ship to Shore and we anticipate Where Are You and Jigsaw will be done later this week.

Pok has added a guest vocal to one Mind Dance song, Number 6, taking the part of The Navigator. We will select three other humans to play the respective roles of The First Mate, The Engineer and The Captain. Martin read the talkover in his own superb style earlier this year. All will become clear if you check out the lyrics at explicitmusic.co.uk.

As far as Bad Habits goes, Whiskey Priest and Pale Sky are now largely finished and will be uploaded to Dark Company’s Bad Habits page later this week. We have taken the steps necessary to upgrade Studio One and are waiting delivery and installation of superior silicon before doing final mixes of these two. Asmodeus, who supplies almost all of our studio equipment, has assured us that delivery will be no later than Friday. In Studio 2, the Atari mouse has developed a problem with its tail which means it now requires two hands to operate, or one hand and a foot if one decides to rest one’s leg on the desk. It really is a pain in the unmentionables.

Finally, a word in praise of the mighty Paul Collingwood. Didn’t he do a fantastic job? :)