Flicker: major upgrade of track information

A major upgrade of track information for Flicker‘s album At Least 1000 Words has taken place at Explicit Music and Bandcamp. The SoundCloud update will come later because we are waiting on a third party to update some information for us.

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Recently, a joyous discovery occured. We managed to find a lot of material from a very long and detailed interview George did whilst at university. The interview took place around the time that Flicker‘s album At Least 1000 Words was being finalised.

Although much of the raw interview material is completely unusable in the form that it is in – it was for the music section of a local college magazine – some of the information contained within is veritable gold dust!

We have mined all of the most important parts and worked with our publishing partners at Explicit Music to rewrite the pages for At Least 1000 Words. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful new data, backstories and fun facts that are now available to be read.

Have you ever studied all the sleeve notes of a favourite album, devouring ever scrap of information, and felt yourself wondering, yearning for more? Following this latest upgrade of track information, each track at Explicit Music and Bandcamp now has far more detail to consume and enjoy.

If you would like access to all of the tracks on Flicker’s At Least 1000 Words album, complete with the major upgrade of track inforrmation, we recommend downloading it from Bandcamp. You can do that by clicking here.

To read about all 17 of the tracks on the album at our partner site Explicit Music, please click here.

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