Flicker: remastering At Least 1000 Words

We have just about finished the remastering of the album At Least 1000 Words by Flicker and are fairly happy with how things are. We will study the work that has been done and soon there will be more news regarding a tenth anniversary reissue. How the time flies…

There may be one or two minor tweaks we may need to make to the overall album before it can be properly reissued, which is why we are waiting and listening and analysing the album carefully. Flicker are largely pleased with the mastering process so far.

It has not been an easy recording to remaster due to the poor condition of the original Flicker audio files. However, the engineers have done a fantastic job and At Least 1000 Words sounds much, much better than it ever did before.

If you would like to hear At Least 1000 Words, you can either visit Flicker‘s At Least 1000 Words page by clicking here, or download the album from our shop at Bandcamp by clicking here.