Flicker: remastering continues

Remastering work continues on the Flicker album At Least 1000 Words. All of the audio files have now been analysed and selected.

A few minor repairs are needed for about four or five of the files and some of the mixing could have been done better back in 2002, but we are where we are and generally what we have is quite pleasing and promising. So far we have done some trial masters of Farsight and have managed to improve the sound considerably.

More news updates on Flicker and the remastering of At Least 1000 Words will be posted here to the Wud Records news pages soon, along with an update on their forthcoming HappySad album.

If you would like to download or listen to the 2002 Flicker album At Least 1000 Words as it stands right now, you can do so by clicking here.