Laughing Sun: Live in Session Autumn 1985

We found, prodded and uploaded an archive collection of songs Live in Session Autumn 1985 from Laughing Sun. This collection of songs was the second half of the set they would play at their first live performance, at Exeter College. Unfortunately the first half of this session has not materialised, and may in fact never do so.

The cassette this was taken from had no title or markings on the spine and a track list written faintly in pencil. Only the acoustic version of Cosmic Dancer was identified on the B side, so to find the two subsequent tracks was a surprise.

If you would like to hear just the songs that were played by the whole band, you can click here.

There is a further collection for specialists, which include the moments between the songs and the other bonus tracks. If you would like to listen to this full version, please click here.