Mark Drower and the Everyones: Mark found alive and well!

Mark Drower found alive and well? Really?

Yes! We are delighted to report that it’s true!

A most remarkable and tantalising message has arrived at the Wud Records offices. Mark Drower has indeed been found alive and well!

Mark contacted us a few days ago by email, completely out of the blue. What a wonderful surprise! Naturally we are all absolutely thrilled to have heard from him again after all these decades. Mark is a true legend of Wud mythology.

Word has been sent out to all of the Everyones that we are directly in touch with. We have also asked that they contact any more of the cast with whom they are in touch, and so on. It would be a splendid thing if the entire company of players were to know of this extraordinary event.

We are also very happy to be able to confirm that Mark doesn’t seem to have changed so much over the passing years. In his long and wonderful email it would seem his memories and fondness of the Everyone performances are as lucid as the rest of ours.

Last July marked the 40th Anniversary of the first Everyone performances at The King’s Grammar School, Ottery St Mary. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Mark’s thoughts regarding the legacy of his influence upon us is typically understated. He is fullsome in his praise of what we have achieved and what has become of us over the intervening decades. Bless.

Beside being the main man in Mark Drower and the Everyones, Mark was the founder of Now. His songs were also covered by Wud, and Lemming Meirngue, the band which came before Wud. Some of the songs Mark co-wrote appear on Pok‘s Anthology album.

If you would like to read the incredible story of Mark Drower and the Everyones, whilst listening to their fantastic songs, click here.

If you would like to read the wonderful history of the band Now, which Mark founded, whilst listening to some amazing and historic song recordings, please click here.

When Ken and George were trying things out before launching Wud, they used the (terrible) name Lemming Meringue. Here are three more versions of Mark’s Everyone songs.

The Mirror
This Time Tomorrow
I Know I Know You

Here are some links to Wud‘s covers of Mark’s songs:

I Know I Know You
The Mirror
This Time Tomorrow
The Sidewalk Song (co-written with Pok)

A new version of The Sidewalk Song, for Pok‘s Anthology album, is in the making.

There are also a couple of covers of We Know You Well, co-written with Pok. Sadly we don’t have a copy of the legendary Beyond the Pale performance from 1983, but here are three other versions:

Laughing Sun (Cander version)
Laughing Sun (Live in Session Autumn 1985 version)
Pok (Anthology version)

And finally, here is a challenge. Do you know what Mark’s contribution was to the creation of this track called Frog, here from Rough Terrain‘s Howell Road Demo?

If you think you know, you can send us a tweet by clicking here.

Now that Mark has shown he is alive and well, perhaps he might someday even grace us with some memories of his own to publish, and even some photos. We shall of course let you know if anything like this happens in our News service and on Twitter.