Murdock: Night Vision repaired

Night Vision by Murdock is the latest of our Archive playlists to be repaired and added to our collection over at SoundCloud. Night Vision is a three track demo CD that the band made at the Plymouth Musicians Co-operative in 2001 and features the songs Nocturnal, Albino and Box Shots. We believe there are other recordings of the band but we do not have any more. They used to have their own website as well at, but that seems to no longer exist.

Murdock were arguably the most popular band to originate from Torbay since Muse and their odyssey lasted for a few years around the beginning of the century. They always put on a splendid show and drew big crowds whenever they played live. Murdock performed with a great sense of fun and created a lot of original songs that had a wonderful tongue-in-cheek dark humour, notably Girlfriend in a Coma, which was always a winner.

Please note that we do not own the copyright to any of the material on the Night Vision demo by Murdock. Copyright is owned by the creators of the music, to which attributions are made on each track’s page. We have hosted this music as we have a fondness both for the band’s members and the music they made.

If you would like to listen to Night Vision by Murdock here at Wud Records, please click here.

If you would prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, please click here.