Wud Records: new pricing policy

A new pricing policy has been implemented for all digital download products at Bandcamp. We feel that the pricing reflects general market trends for digital download products. If you follow our News service or our Twitter feed, you may remember that we announced this was coming on 5th November 2018.

The new pricing policy has been set in Euros as we are no longer based in the uk. We are now charging a single Euro for a single track. Albums and EPs are downloadable for two, three, five or seven Euros depending on their length and their quality.

Our previous policy of ‘pay what you want including nothing’ worked pretty well to start off with, but more recently a lot of people have simply downloaded the entire Wud Records catalogue at Bandcamp for free. As we need to buy bread and pay the electric bill like everyone else, we felt this had to stop. However, we will be keeping an open mind to the previous policy and may change again at some time in the future. We shall see.

There is still an option to pay more than the asking price if one is so inclined. :)

If you need a download of some of our music to use for broadcast or journalistic purposes, we will happily send you the files for free. Please let us know what you would like to use and in what format you need it by emailing wudmaster@wudrecords.co.uk and we shall consider your request.

If you happen to love some of the music we have and simply cannot afford to pay anything for it, please get in touch by emailing info@wudrecords.co.uk and we will consider your request on an individual case-by-case basis.

The whole team at Wud Records would like to wish everybody a very Happy New Year!