Now: biography finished

The Now biography has finally been finished. It’s a wonderful piece of writing. We hope you will enjoy reading the history of the band Now and seeing pictures of the places where the action took place.

We have added the full-size versions of the images on the Now biography page to the Now Gallery. If you would like to visit the Now Gallery, please click here.

The completed Now biography traces Now‘s entire journey from inception to stagnation and describes all the events in between.

We have tried to tell Now’s tale as honestly and accurately as possible. The events described took place nearly 40 years ago! All available sources of information were consulted. It’s taken a long time to complete the Now biography and at last everything is done.

When we first launched the Wud Records website, there were a lot of pages that needed to exist. We put a little bit of content here and little bit there so that something could be seen. Lots of it was never finished.

We are attempting to finish some of those unfinished tales so that fans of our bands can enjoy the full rich histories of our current artists and better appreciate where they have come from.

There are a few cassette recordings of Now in our vault. Mostly they are not terribly good. However, we shall try to create a compilation of highlights and release them when time permits. We shall announce any such release on Twitter as well as in our News service. If the quality is good enough, we might even release some music by Now to Bandcamp so it can be downloaded as well.

The article has just under 4000 words so it’s a decent read. You can even listen to the few Now tracks we have so far salvaged whilst you take in the story.

To enjoy the full Now biography, told with the benefit of almost four decades of hindsight, please click here to go to the page.