Pok: festivals and new recordings

Pok has been performing at some festivals recently and adding new recordings of songs to his Soundcloud page. If you would like to visit his Soundcloud page to listen to his latest recordings Rose on Lewis Road, Poison in the Water and The Ruins of Cezarel, you can do so by clicking here.

These are Pok‘s words concerning his recent rather soggy festival experiences:

“Summer Solstice at the Heel Stone at Stonehenge was a vigil the night through in the rain, sheltered by the stone, my umbrella and tweed jacket, talking to Jez Little Green Man.

Come sunrise the sky cleared of rain – though not enough to see the sun until later – and a grand circle of blessings, handfastings, druidic pledges and poem was held with Arthur Pendragon and druids. I sung versions of Key to the Gates and We Shall Be Free.

Sunrise Celebration was also very wet until the Sunday, when I took off my boots and walked in the mud and sun.

Saturday and Sunday night saw John and I appear playing tunes on Dave Sanger’s solar powered Horsedrawn Stage.

Probably most memorable was John’s rendition of that ‘for she invented medicinal compound’ song by The Scaffold: Lily the Pink.”