Pok: newest acoustic guitar

Pok brought his newest acoustic guitar along to the Wud Records studios yesterday for the latest Anthology recording session. This one is a beautiful and rare Tanglewood from Nashville, Tennessee and its rich mellow tones have now graced two of the songs on the forthcoming Anthology album.

Centre of the Cyclone was recorded first, and then Pok laid down the parts for Wanted to Be a Singer. Both of these old classics are sounding fabulous and it was a refreshing change to hear some shiny new strings and have a break from the intensity of collective contemplative chin-rubbings and fiddling around with drums with Sven. It was also a much quieter session as Sven is a particularly heavy hitter for a drummer.

Some of the Centre of the Cyclone action was even captured on video before the memory card was full. We anticipate that there will be a number of video releases from the Wud Records stable in the springtime of 2016.

At the moment the only available versions of both of the songs Pok recorded yesterday are from two separate 1985 Laughing Sun collections: Cander and Indeed. We will be adding the finished versions of both songs to Pok’s Anthology album when they are finished, and nobody apart from a select few of the greater gods of rock’n’roll knows when that might be. Further news updates will be posted in the Wud Records News service when available.

If you would like to hear the Laughing Sun version of Wanted to Be a Singer from Cander, please click here.

To listen to Laughing Sun’s version of Centre of the Cyclone from Indeed, please click here.