Pok: recent studio activity

We felt that it was time to give fans of Pok an update on his recent studio activity. We’ve all been beavering away like nobody’s business, moving unfinished tracks for the PokStar’s unfinished Anthology album a few more millimetres towards completion.

One of the most recent guitars to join Pok‘s flourishing forest of instruments is a beautiful red Gibson SG, which needed some cosmetic repairs before entering service. Now named Broken Horn, this splendid tunesmith’s tool has been used to great effect on We Know You Well and It’s a Blue Sky Don’t Hold No Rain. Both of these tracks have had additional acoustic guitar and precision bass added by Fedax and Maxx respectively, with Pok also adding some more acoustic guitar to We Know You Well. Both of these tracks are epic in length and quality and as they grow nearer to being finished we are becoming increasingly excited about them.

Other tracks on the musical slab lately have been Wanted To Be A Singer and West Wind Blowing, the former of which had a revised middle section on Pok’s Tanglewood acoustic and the latter some groovy bashings from the mighty Sven. She’s Beautiful had an outbreak of engineering and a cunning new engineering trick will enable progress on various other tracks from the album that have been somewhat mired in the murk of uncertainty.

As well as the four days Pok and his assorted companions had in our studios recently, there has been a lot of engineering work going on. We are hoping there will be considerably more progress to these wonderful tracks in the coming days. A number of new (very old) songs are being planned for future recordings, many of which have been gathering dust for decades, so this will be particularly exciting for fans of Pok.

Whilst on his travels, Pok has recently managed to combine a number of his manifestations on the internet into two websites, Secrets of Creation and Tribal Voices. Both of these have been added to our Links page. The Secrets of Creation link is highly comprehensive and a great resource for all fans of Pok. The Tribal Voices site is a beacon for all eco-warriors and there are many of Pok‘s friends and contemporaries with pages there too, well worth a look and a listen.

Pok‘s next visit will be around the end of October and we hope to be able to release a new track or two around then. All news of such developments will be posted in our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to listen to Pok’s Anthology album as it stands right now, please click here.