Dark Company: RIP Pete Greatorex

We have some terribly sad news. ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex – poet, vocalist, songsmith, raconteur, artist, thespian and frontman of Dark Company passed away on Sunday 1st May. He died at Wonford Hospital, Exeter after a long battle with a number of complicated conditions.

Pete was such a big character that it’s hard to believe he’s gone. We are all gutted, and at the same time thankful to have known such an extraordinary human being. He left behind two children, two grandchildren and an unspecified amount of cats, frogs and fish. We miss him terribly and intend to honour his memory by continung to produce Dark Company music.

Goodbye doowadu man, fly free.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

R.I.P. ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex, 02/08/44 – 01/05/16.