Ug Brothers: Cute But Weird remastered

Cute But Weird, the 1995 studio album by The Ug Brothers, has finally been remastered. All of the remastered tracks have been uploaded to Bandcamp and SoundCloud. They can also be enjoyed right here at the Cute But Weird page, among The Ug Brothers’ pages of the Wud Records website. They are, without any doubt whatsoever, sounding significantly better than the previous versions of these splendid tracks. The album consists of eight studio tracks and a bonus live recording of The Ug Song.

Due to the effects of cassette copying from the old master back in 1995, the original files that we have seem to have suffered a certain amount of audio degradation and distortion. Using modern techniques, we were able to minimize some of these losses and repair some of the distortions.

We were also able to go a little way to balancing the original mix a bit better, which was always somewhat light in the guitar department. This was due to it originally being mixed by the guitarist in the band, who wanted to be sure he didn’t mix any of the other band members too quietly. The final result was far from what we would call ideal.

We are still in possession of both the master tapes and the DAT masters. Sadly we have no DAT machine in our studios any more. Not only that, the ancient device on which the raw audio tracks for the songs were recorded is no longer working and replacement parts are extremely hard to come by.

However, we believe that during the course of 2017 we may be able to repair our old recording device and acquire a decent DAT machine. This means that a complete remixing and remastering of Cure But Weird is a definite possibility for the future, especially if fans of the band are interested in such a thing. If there are any further developments on this particular front, we shall inform you in our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to download Cute But Weird from Bandcamp, or simply listen, you can do so by clicking here.

If you would like to listen over at SoundCloud, please click here instead.

If you prefer to listen to Cute But Weird by The Ug Brothers here at the Wud Records website, please click here.