Ug Brothers: Explicit Music pages added

All of the lyrics and song information for the 1995 Cute But Weird album by The Ug Brothers have been published at the Explicit Music website. The Ug Brothers have their own special sub-publisher, Ug Music, and this has been noted at the Explicit Music website as well.

Sometime in the fairly near future we intend to link up the Cute But Weird page here to all the relevant pages at Explicit Music, but as this was rather a large job and we had to construct all of the pages from scratch we are going to have a lie-down in a darkened coffin of damp soil first.

If you would like to read The Ug Brothers lyrics and song facts and trivia, you can do so by clicking here.

We would very much like to remix and remaster Cute But Weird sometime and unfortunately the mechanical parts of the recording machines of Studio Three, where the album was originally created, are non-functional and will take a minor miracle, a decent budget and somebody with an overwhelming collection of spanners to repair. However, at Wud Records we never say never, and if this becomes a possibility at some time in the future we shall let you know.