Wud Records: Archives Sampler playlist refreshed

The Archives Sampler playlist has been refreshed following the latest addition to our Archives section, the mighty Dayglow. We felt it was about time as the Archives Sampler playlist has remained the same since its creation, more-or-less, apart from the occasional new addition when a new act was unearthed and uploaded.

As and when we upload new Archive material, we shall let you know in our News service and on Twitter. Should you happen to be in possession of any music from any of the acts mentioned on the Archives page, or any of the music from the bands we are already honouring, please contact archive@wudrecords.co.uk and we’ll try to work something out.

These are the fantastic tracks that used to be in the Archives Sampler playlist and which have now been replaced. Please, do give them a click and enjoy listening to these fantastic songs!

AndromedaNothingtime TV
The ChillunYour Fault Not Mine
GoodstaffBillie Holiday
MurdockBox Shots
PygLet’s Dance (Dulcimer Mix)
RecluseWe All Survive
Search PartyOne Direction
SpacegoatsCastrol GTX Agogo
WatershedLiving in the Gap
Stephen YatesGorilla Tango

We have now selected different tracks from all of these artists as represention (for the time being) in the Archives Sampler playlist. We hope you enjoy our new selections as well.

The purpose of the Wud Records Archives is to pay some love and respect to the great bands that we have known, bands which are no longer heard any more. It’s always a shame when an original band folds and the songs you came to love are simply no longer heard.

Please note that the copyright of all of the Archive material is held by the respective writers and owners of the intellectual property of the songs and not ourselves. We will never make them download-enabled without permission from the copyright owners. These works are published here for posterity, historical reasons and so that everyone can enjoy this fantastic music that we have loved so much.

We very much hope that you will enjoy hearing these tracks too. All the band names and tracks above are clickable should you want to further investigate these amazing acts of days gone by.

If you would like to hear the updated Archives Sampler playlist here at Wud Records, clicking here will take you to the Archives homepage where it is the embedded player.

If you prefer to listen over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.