Wud Records: emails

As some of you know already, the Wud Records emails system became somewhat unreliable towards the end of last year and a number of emails from you were lost in the vortices of nilspace, or at best, took an absurdly long time to arrive. This has now been rectified and we are using an entirely new email system, one which seems to work just fine. Hooray!

We have streamlined the email addresses that we use as well, with a lot of our old and no longer active bands coming together under one email, and our active artistes retaining their independent addresses. A new email has been created to deal with archive material.

The ‘Contact’ page at Wud Records has been updated to show all of this and if you wish to get in touch with us, everything should be in order.

If you contacted us some time ago and are still waiting to hear from us, it is likely that your communication was lost so please send it again if possible and accept our apologies.