Wud Records: June 2019 top ten tracks published at SoundCloud

The top ten SoundCloud tracks for June 2019 from Wud Records have been published in a new playlist. Tracks have been arranged from one to ten according to their popularity and take into account plays, comments, likes and reposts. The algorithm we use gives greatest weight to reposts, then likes and comments over plays.

Tracks published at Musicoin and Bandcamp have been omitted from the SoundCloud statistics. This is because we feel these results require separate treatment. Archive tracks and bonus tracks are also ignored.

Only you, the listener, can influence our July 2019 playlist. So if there is a track you particularly like, keep playing it!

Massive thanks go out to everybody who helped to support all of us during June 2019 by listening, commenting and reposting our bands’ tracks on SoundCloud, as well as other platforms.

A special mention needs to go to Atom Collector Records. Their service continues to help us achieve consistently and significantly better activity. If you have tracks on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Musicoin, Spotify, ReverbNation, dSound, dTube or Choon, you too could see considerable growth in activity. It’s even free to join. Just click here to go to their site.

Congratulations to The Bastard Sons of Dennis, whose song The Furniture (part 1: overture) from their truly extraordinary creation The Furniture/Los Muebles returned to the top of our chart. Last month’s top track, Good Times by The Bastard Sons of Dennis, and also from their Cherry Smoke Empire album, dropped down to number three.

Some Dark Company demos from their forthcoming Old Hands album proved to be popular, especially at Atom Collector Records – in particular Peek-a-boo!, Double or Many and Medicine Man. Their old favourites Medicines from the Rage in Heaven album and Armed & Dangerous from Signmaker proved to be ear candy once again among our listeners. Another demo track, It Starts Right Here from Flicker‘s HappySad Demos also made the chart.

Completing this month’s somewhat demo-tastic Top Ten we see The Ug Brothers with an awesome live instrumental jam of their jazz-funk-rock masterpiece Wibble and Bling and Rough Terrain‘s Won’t You Come Around My Way, an ever-popular track from their Daylight Demo and which also appears on their Exit Stage Deaf compilation at Bandcamp. No other act managed to break into our chart this month.

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