Wud Records: online activity temporarily reduced

Here at Wud Records we have had to reduce the amount of online activity we are involved in to an absolute minimum. Despite our best efforts there are simply not enough hours in a day, nor days in week to maintain our internet presence at the same level as of recent months.

Please bear with us! We are not going to completely vanish in a puff of smoke any time soon.

Sometime after Monday 8th April 2019 things will quieten down a bit. With luck we will thereafter be able to continue all of the online activity for which we have become known and appreciated once again. Until then, we are all very busy in other areas of life.

We understand and sympathise that this is perhaps somewhat disappointing for some of those artists whom we have attempted to help. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, barring an eyewateringly massive and sustained jump in sales and profit.

If you would like to support us and the work we do, please download something from our online shop at Bandcamp. Although everything there can be downloaded for free until the end of 2018, you can pay as much as you want if you wish to support our cause. Every penny and cent helps! You can visit our pages at Bandcamp by clicking here.

Occasionally we may have an outburst of activity on Twitter and we may be making the occasional announcement in our News service. For the most part we will be as ducks – very calm on the surface but with lots of activity going on out of sight.

We believe fans of Wud Records and our awesome bands will understand this situation. We are looking forward to rejoining the mad world in the spring of next year. Until then, as they say…