Wud Records: our forums

Our forums here at Wud Records have been in a state of disrepair for some time and have now been completely disabled. If you are a forum member, do not worry. All of the posts and other data has been saved and will be reappearing sometime soon in a new format that doesn’t attract an enormous tidal wave of spam.

To start with this tidal wave consisted mostly of non-existent beings offering products to allegedly enhance one’s performances or enlarge various bodyparts. Then the software we used died completely, no doubt due to the sheer weight of numbers of spammers. We decided the best course of action would be to reupload the forums in a completely new format when the site receives its rebuild and redesign, which is currently in the early stages of finalisation.

We shall let you know of further developments on this front in our News service. Meanwhile, here is some music.

We sincerely hope that the purveyors of this unsavory digital meat-based product will be tossed into jail where they will share a cell with somebody who has enlarged their manhood, taken viagra and is looking to start a new relationship.