Wud Records: our latest news update

We have been busy trying to fix the broken main computer in Wud Records Studio One for some time now and it has proved to be something of a challenge. However, some progress has been made and we are now into new territory so perhaps we will be able to make some beautiful things for you to listen to and enjoy soon.

We have added some social media links to our ‘links’ page. Flicker, Dark Company and The Bastard Sons of Dennis all have their own pages at Facebook which we have linked to, and Dark Company and The Bastard Sons of Dennis are both on Twitter. Again, we have included the links there in our ‘links’ page.

Some old friends and members of the Everyones have recently emerged from out of the vastness of the universe and may be able to give us some extra information on who the Everyones actually were.

There will be some more radio play coming up for our bands including a couple of special radio sessions. More news on this and some Bastard Sons of Dennis shows will follow soon.