Wud Records: Procussion joy, thanks… and hope

What a day. Received an email from Rob at emulatorarchive.com and he had kindly sent some patches for the old Procussion which we have been after for about 18 months. During the upgrade to the Studio 1 computer, the software to upload the patches to the Procussion had gone astray so downloaded it again. It didn’t send a thing.

Wondered if it was the newer Beta software rather than the old software that was the problem. Downloaded the old software. Uploaded the files. Nothing.

Went on an extensive search for more software, all of which proved useless. Uttered bad words and poked around with torch at the back of the Procussion.

Discovered the MIDI lead was plugged into the ‘out’ not the ‘in’. Cursed a little more at own foolishness and plugged lead in correctly. Uploaded files and bingo! Just what we’ve been after all this time!

So we are chuffed to bits here and enjoying a celebratory cup of tea. Many, many thanks and major kudos to Rob at emulatorarchive.com for helping us out with this problem which has been the curse of Studio 2 for ages! There is a very happy Wud posse in the universe today. :)

Also, much love to our friends in Germany celebrating 20 years since the Berlin Wall came down. It’s a day I remember well, staring at the TV with Ruth (Dark Company Pete’s elderly mother) and the Alien Heat boys, with my jaw down by my knees and a great feeling of hope burning in my heart. We’ll be raising a glass to you all tonight.