Wud Records: recommended Bandcamp albums January 2021

The Wud Records recommended Bandcamp albums have changed. There is so much great music to recommend at Bandcamp!

Here is an eclectic trio of glorious goodies for you to enjoy. Why don’t you click the links and support these great artists with a download, or at the very least, a listen?

The latest ones we have chosen are:

Critical Error by Critical Error
Fabulous band formed in the 1980s. Acoustic psychedelic folk rock musical treasures. Lost for decades, found and resurrected. More in our Archives: https://www.wudrecords.co.uk/archives/critical-error/

Music Therapy by Rock Counsellor
A truly great record. Every song is super catchy and likely to stick in your head. Sounds fantastic, amazing production. Great lyrics to make you smile or think. Fun musical tricks. ORANGE VINYL!!!

Railyard Tracks by Blackbird Rebellion
Best band we found in the last year. Wonderful songwriting and musicianship. Songs you can’t get out of your head and won’t even want to. More of their great music on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/blackbirdrebellion

The three fabulous albums below are the ones making way. All of these are also wonderful recommended Bandcamp albums. Each deserves a download, or at the very least a full listen, so please go ahead and click the links.

They are:

While You Were Gone by Vestbo Trio
From jazz, blues and porn-star funk to Waits/Cave noir crankiness, there’s something for everyone in this beautifully crafted album of eclectic instrumentals.

Песни Тигаров by Lena Markova
Fantastic riffs, musicianship and performances. All in Russian so we understand almost none, but it sounds great and kicks some serious a$$!

The Narluga Epic by Lance Eads
A wonderful acoustic concept album journey from this clever wordsmith. Woody Guthrie meets Frank Zappa. High on entertainment for all ages from 8 to 800.

Albums removed from our recommendations go back into the pool and will probably reappear sometime in the future as we still love them all.

We will try to refresh our recommended Bandcamp albums every few weeks. More joyful unearthed gems will be shouted about in our News service and on Twitter.

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