Wud Records: recommended Bandcamp albums

Wud Records’ recommended Bandcamp albums have changed. If you are a fan of awesome twenty-first century progressive rock and progressive metal then you will abdolutely love the three albums we have chosen. Go ahead and click the links! They are:

Twinned With: Your Face by Throatpunch City
Stunning original virtuoso progressive rock, they put on a great live show too.

Rise of the Waterfowl by Farmhouse Odyssey
Keyboard-driven smooth melodic progressive rock from the USA, inspiring and addictive, beautifully crafted songs.

Ode to the Author by Toska
Instrumental progressive metal from three exceptionally talented young musical gurus who also play in the band Dorje.

There is so much great music to recommend at Bandcamp that we try to refresh our recommendations from time to time, although this time it has been a very long time indeed!

The three fabulous albums below are the ones making way. All of these are also wonderful recommended Bandcamp albums. Each deserves a download, or at the very least a full listen, so please go ahead and click the links. Albums removed from our recommendations go back into the pool and will reappear there sometime in the future as we still love them all.

Great Pagans EP by Great Pagans, on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
Dreamy, evocative, whimsical, beautiful harmonies and lakes of guitar, fueled by the quiet power of the underdog. You will want them to win! Utterly enchanting post-Smiths indie pop rock grunge.

The Independent Hand by The Throats, on Sleeping Brothers Records
Lo-fi heartfelt self-deprecating musical comedy from The Throats on Sleeping Brothers Records. A collage of emotions crafted of leftfield sounds add to the wonderful guitar/voice arrangements.

Raygun EP by High/Low
Hi-energy big sound post-shoegaze indie rock from Southend, England. Guitar wall assaults your senses and great use of vocal harmonies. Hints of Foo Fighters and The Who. Came to us via Twitter.

We will try to refresh our recommended Bandcamp albums every six weeks or so. More joyful unearthed gems will be shouted about in our News service and on Twitter.

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