Wud Records: Soundcloud replaces FlamPlayer

Visitors to the Wud Records website will have noticed that our resident mp3 player, the FlamPlayer, has become utterly broken. A shame as it has served us well for the past six or seven years. This has meant that we have needed to find an upgrade solution and have done so with Soundcloud.

Over the coming days and weeks, the old FlamPlayers at Wud Records will be phased out and replaced by the Soundcloud players. We have established a growing presence at Soundcloud and more material will be added there in due course. We hope you enjoy hearing great music once again embedded into the Wud Records website.

If you are already a member of the Soundcloud community, come and follow us and like some of our tracks. We’ve only been there a few hours so it’s still quite a lonely place! Links have been added to our Links page, including one for our Soundcloud newsfeed, so you can see easily which collections have been repaired or added.