Wud Records: Twitter vs. Facebook – an experiment

A few years ago, Wud Records started a Facebook page. It grew for a time, and as so many people are on FB, we had a reasonable response rate from it.

We paid FB for some advertising and the page died. Completely. Why? Watch this video by Veritaseum.

We abandoned our FB page and ignored it for three or four years. Last week we decided to see whether anything had changed.

We set up a simple link so that anything we posted at Twitter would be reposted at FB. After exactly one week of making the same posts on Twitter and FB, we have some seven-day accumulated results for you. Here they are.

Total posts = 258.

Followers: 832
Page views: 6
Page likes: -2
Reach: 153
Engagements: 27

Followers: 3947
Impressions: 48.6 K (approx 6200/day)
Engagement rate: 2.3%
Link clicks: 20
Retweets: 284
Likes: 545
Replies: 31

The results clearly show that our FB followers have very little chance of ever seeing anything we post unless they actively search for it, with only 153 total views from the 258 posts that were made to a potential audience of 832.

On the other hand, the results demonstrate that there is a very good chance to be viewed by your Twitter followers. On Twitter, those same 258 posts were seen by over 48000 pairs of eyes, based on an increasing followership of around 3900.

Follower numbers were correct at the end of the week. As FB began on 834 followers, we actually lost two followers overall. Probably because we posted something for once! During the same period we had a net gain of 51 Twitter followers, the results at the end of Day 1 claiming a followership of 3896.

Isn’t it remarkable how much better Twitter performs? The results speak for themselves. In fact, they bellow!

Are you on Twitter yet? If so, you can follow us by clicking here. If not, it’s free to join. :)

We shall disable the link between our Twitter feed and our useless FB page again once this has been posted.

In other news, we published an old Wud Records SoundCloud chart, from April 2016. If you would like to check it out, please click here!