Wud Records: forging ahead on several fronts

In case you thought we were all destroyed by the Swine Flu, we felt that a Wud Records update was necessary despite nothing obvious ‘up front’ taking place, as it were.

We’ve been beavering away like there’s no tomorrow with software new and old, refining and tweaking the sounds of Dark Company’s Bad Habits album, which is now at post-production stage. We have also managed to record a little of Sven for their Mind Dance album and re-recorded some of his parts for Bad Habits. Sven has explained that this included an entirely different bass drum part for Nightshifters. We nodded as if we understood what he said.

We have also sorted out a whole load of new Dark Company material which will form into a new album after Bad Habits is done. Pete is as prolific as ever, despite his assurances that he has hardly written anything lately. The band will be shot by a photographer later this month, rather than by firing squad as some fans of the lip-curlingly twee may have requested. Dark Company plan to make some short films of themselves in session and we are planning some live webcasts for later in the year.

A variety of other wave files from the archives have been tested and largely found to be of too poor quality to be uploaded here, so they will be input again. Some archive Flicker material has been analysed so that HappySad can be moved forward a little.

The Explicit Music site is undergoing an overhaul with a whole new look and better navigation. We hope to implement these changes by the end of June. Some more minor changes are about to be made to the Wud Records site as well. We are having a slight technical issue with our shop and our mp3 player which we hope will be solved soon after technician holidays.

As our regular visitors will know, we aim to go public and advertise the site after we have the shop working properly. Despite the secrecy of our presence on the web, we are still being hit from all over the world which is pleasing. We hope that our traffic, new and old, will continue to enjoy the Wud Records site.

Having successfully finished the artwork for Alien Heat’s Red Rug Demo, our graphic design department has been working away on the final look for their Essential collection. We hope that both of these items will be available soon along with Flicker’s At Least 100 Words which needs its artwork recovering from a computer disaster.

Other than that, not much has happened lately…