Wud Records: Welcome to 2016!

Greetings to all you fine readers of the Wud Records News service! For the last few weeks we’ve been enjoying some relaxing times like many others over the holiday season. Now it’s a case of back to work and we have many exciting new things to bring you in the coming weeks and months.

The best piece of news we had recently was that the Wud Wagon passed its annual MOT without needing even a bulb to be changed. It’s the first time any of us here can remember an MOT test for one of our wagons that didn’t involve at least a small amount of extras. So hooray for that and thanks to Mitsubishi for making a reliable wagon.

Maxx, Sven and George all met up to listen to and contemplate further Flicker recordings. We are very excited about this as not much has happened on that front for some time.

Toddlers tend to pick up lots of colds and that is precisely what has happened with the young members of the extended Wud family, sharing their germs around their elders like nobody’s business. Hooray for the youngsters, keeping Kleenex and other tissue manufacturers in business. In other health news, Pete from Dark Company has some terrible ulcers on his leg which have left him bed-ridden for some time. We wish him well.

The main computer in Studio One has suffered something of a crisis of memory, in that it has lost the soundcard and we have not been able to show it where it is, even though it is in its innards. Don’t you just love computers.

Once this has been sorted, more sessions with Pok the Bard are planned with the focus on completing some of his songs for the Anthology album. There has been talk of a ‘Best of Alchemeon’ collection as well, with a few tracks selected and many more to be chosen.

We cannot make this news post without mentioning the recently departed. The world felt like a better place with David Bowie in it and we all felt deeply the loss of one of the greatest cultural icons and thinkers, and musical innovators, that this world has ever known. Thanks for all the music David, your memory will live on with us forever.

Lemmy Kilminster from Motorhead and Hawkwind must also be acknowledged. Apart from his own musical and cultural contributions to the world, he was a personal friend of Pete from Dark Company, back in the days when Lemmy was leaving Hawkwind and forming Motorhead. They were both prominent members of the motorcycling fraternity in London at the time and his loss was felt more deeply by our Peter than by many. R.I.P Lemmy.

After the loss of two such titanic figures and with many others having left us in recent years, we now need, more than ever, a new generation of musical heroes to stand up and carry the baton forward so that when their time comes we can remember them with smiles and thanks too. Unhealthy TV talent contests and quick cheap disposable pop just isn’t really doing it right now and we believe there is another way.

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Happy New Year!