Wud Records: wtf is wud?

We have been asked – wtf is wud? What does it mean? Over the years many people have asked who we are, what we are about, what we are like and why.

It seems that we never particularky bothered to explain ourselves very well before, so a new page has been added to the Wud Records website that hopes to answer some of these questions.

By clicking here, you will go to the ‘About Wud Records’ page. There you can read an explanation and definition of what wud means, how to pronounce it correctly, a brief history of ourselves, and our list of personnel, both present and past.

We don’t wish to appear to be too evasive or aloof or mysterious to our fans, although a certain air of mystery is probably not an entirely bad thing. Hopefully these words will bring us all a bit closer together and maybe we can have a big intercontinental group hug. Who knows.

Meanwhile, we have a lot of great music to bring you and as such we will be beavering away in our studios trying to make things fit for public enjoyment! Lots more news to come on this subject and more in the coming days.