Be Discovered on Social Media Platforms!

Want to be discovered on social media platforms? Looking for new fans for your creations? Everyone else in your field wants exactly the same thing. Whilst the internet is a fantastic tool for creative minds, it can be a double-edged sword. With so many different voices all shouting their message across social media platforms, how do you make your voice heard?

There is a very simple strategy you can employ to enable your unique and awesome creativity to be discovered on social media by new fans and likeminded souls. We have employed these techniques to grow our presence on Twitter and SoundCloud. In the past nine months, our presence on both platforms has grown by several hundred percent.

While we are by no means massive, the strategy is a good one. We are happy to share it because the more people use it, the more connections will be made between real music makers and real fans. It’s a highly effective win-win strategy for all concerned.

The first thing to do is make sure your profile and material are right. Avoid typos, bad spelling and grammar (such as incorrect apostrophes), and avoid profane language. Read what you typed when you are done to avoid the spell check trap. Have a friend proof-read it as well if you like. Not paying attention to these details will make you look like an amateur and it will put people off.

On landing pages, make your text sharp, snappy and to the point. Include links and images where possible. Design a distinctive logo that can be easily recognised. Ask yourself how you could make things better. Don’t be afraid to tweak things, try things out, see how they look and whether they work. You can continue tweaking for years after you publish, so don’t be afraid to make changes as you go and see what works best.

Now you have all of that sorted… you need to find some potential fans. Here’s how.

Find somebody you like, or who is similar to you, or whose fans you think might like your work. Start following that account’s fans. Follow as many as you can, but don’t exceed your limit. If you do, you may be blocked as a suspected spammer. This is especially important at SoundCloud. As soon as you get their warning, stop following people immediately or you will be locked out.

Follow some more the next day. If you’ve followed all of the fans of one account, find a new account with followers who are waiting to discover you. Keep doing this until you have maxed out the number of people you can follow.

Within a couple of days of starting this policy, you will notice some of these accounts will start to follow you back. Some of them will start liking what you do. Some of those who like your work will start to like it a lot.

You will need to give the people you are following time to login to their accounts. This may be a couple of weeks, a month, however long you feel. Start with the accounts you’ve been following the longest. Any that are not following you back or are not interesting to you, unfollow them. Don’t worry about unfollowing, even if it is an account you particularly like. Unfollowing somebody simply creates an opportunity to follow them again at some later time. In turn this will cause a notification to be sent and give them another opportunity to follow you.

Once you reach a critical mass, you will find that people start to discover and follow you on their own, without you actually doing anything. This is great! However, reaching that critical mass is an active process. You will need to work at it every day for a few weeks or months to make your presence grow. The good news is… it works!

There are a lot of spam accounts, robots, and buffoons that use social media. You will soon develop a good sense of who not to bother following. Of all the accounts that follow us on Twitter and SoundCloud, about half of them unfollow us again within a few days. But the other half tend to stay, and this creates growth.

To be discovered on social media, avoid paying for services that promise followers, likes and such. Going for organic growth is a far better way of gaining genuine followers who have a real interest in what you do. Click farm followers from countries such as Colombia and India will be detrimental to your cause.

There is a fascinating video by Veritaseum on why you should never pay to market your Facebook page. This is a mistake we made that destroyed our page. We don’t use that platform any more other than to show users where they can find us.

Here is a link to the video. If it doesn’t work properly, right-click and open in a new tab.

We believe that if you apply the strategy we have described to any social media platform, it will bring you success. We have grown our Twitter followers from about 500 to over 4000 in nine months, and SoundCloud from a few dozen to over 1200. Both continue to grow and when we review this page in the coming months and years, these figures will need to be edited!

A good turnover of accounts that you follow is precisely what you need for growth.

This is where our Discoveries playlists come from. By following lots of artists on SoundCloud, we found a mind-bogglingly vast amount of wonderful music, as well as thousands of hours of ghastly, ill-conceived, badly realised, headache-inducing twaddle.

We felt that by offering the hand of support and friendship to all the fabulous and creative musicians we have found, and by increasing their word-of-mouth exposure, even by a tiny amount as a lone voice alongside theirs in the vast online musical wilderness, we could help advance the overall cause. The big picture is nothing less than a revolution.

Together we can help the growth of real, organic music. Together we can help others, just like ourselves, find a voice against the seemingly endless background noise of cheap disposable censored formulaic bland corporate muzak. The corporations are scared of what is coming and they know the game is changing. Together we are stronger, much stronger. Let’s make it happen!

There is so much great music among the Discoveries playlists. Why not listen to some and shout about it on your own favourite social media platform? Putting in a good word for Wud Records and any of our bands would be greatly appreciated too. :)

Click here to go to the Discoveries page of Wud Records.

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