Dark Company

Current Flamplayer Playlist: Dark Company – Album Openers

Sometimes we all need a little company when it’s dark…

Dark Company recorded their first two albums in the early 90s at Silent Running Studios. Since then they have not been able to record anything properly for all manner of reasons – until now! We are busy working with Dark Company to produce, master (or remaster) and release all of their albums eventually. Much of their creativity is available to be heard here, even in its early stages, and their songs will be updated as work is done on their recordings.

Dark Company are a duo these days. Their creativity is studio-based. The music encompasses a great many styles and genres. Dark Company’s sound has developed somewhat over the years, although the essences of Pete’s voices and George’s guitars remain mostly the same.

Speedy Pete Greatorex, a.k.a. “The Endless Word”, writes the lyrics, sings and plays harmonica. George “By The Way, This Is The New Bit” Davies plays virtually all of the other things including the mixing desk. The band’s drummer is top Swedish session skinsman Sven “the Mighty” Stiglund, who in fact arrived at Wud Records on a small silvery disk rather than in a Viking longship. Nevertheless, he’s still the best drummer the band have ever had and is more than capable of burning down large villages just by using his hi-hat.

Pete’s extraordinary lyrics cut through life’s bullshit like a shard of flawless obsidian through dead flesh. His words might cause you to think, or to laugh out loud at his dark humour. George’s beautiful musical evocations may make you tap your toe, nod your head, or perhaps even produce a tear.

Dark Company have written some of the best songs we’ve ever heard. We hope you will find some favourites of your own among them.