Dark Company: song artwork

Song artwork for all of Dark Company’s songs has now been uploaded to all of the band’s song pages on SoundCloud. We hope you dig the stunning new visuals that can be enjoyed with every Dark Company song!

Speedy Pete Greatorex, frontman and singer for Dark Company, was a particularly unique character and a man of many talents. One of his talents was creating the most extraordinary images using Photoshop.

There are several galleries of his artwork amongst Dark Company’s web pages here at the Wud Records website. Click here to go and see them for yourself!

Many of the images were named after actual Dark Company songs. Sometimes the title came from a line or a lyric within a song. Sometimes the name of the image suggested a song it belonged with by association, and sometimes the look of the image decided its rightful place.

Finally, we managed to put all of these together. It took place over quite a long period of time, during some of the quieter moments in the Wud Records offices.

The results are very pleasing! If Pete were here to admire them, we feel reasonably sure he would (mostly) approve of what we have done.

All of these artworks will gradually be added to Dark Company songs on Bandcamp and future platforms we are planning to release Dark Company songs to.

Just below are links to all of Dark Company‘s albums on SoundCloud, in release order. Now you can admire all of the different song artwork for yourself, and enjoy listening to the band’s wonderful songs at the same time!

Rage in Heaven
Alien Heat
Can of Worms
Ghost of the Art
Drifting Stars
Mind Dance
Old Hands
Benign Inquisition
Bad Habits

Album artworks for all work-in-progress albums, i.e. from Alien Heat onwards, are likely to change. Most song artwork has found a happy association that we are settled with. These are far less likely to change.

All of Dark Company’s songs and associated artwork after Noir remain under wraps! We shall be releasing this newer material once other Dark Company material has been finished and released.

If you would like a sneaky early listen, simply download a Dark Company album from Bandcamp. There are two available, Signmaker and Rage in Heaven. We will then let you know how to access the secret newest Dark Company material.

Further news regarding Dark Company will be forthcoming soon. Please be sure to keep an eye on our News service and our Twitter feed so you don’t miss it!