Noir (alpha mixes) (2010)

Noir by Dark Company.

These are demos of the forthcoming Noir album by Dark Company. All of the songs on the Noir album were written in 2009 and we hope to bring you the finished versions soon.

The Noir album is under construction and the songs you can hear here are very much of the ‘work-in-progress’ variety. These are the alpha mixes and there is much work still to be done, although you can hear a certain flavour of where the songs are going, despite some of the rough edges. We thought you might like a sneaky preview into Dark Company’s future. These songs will be updated as new mixes become available.

The name Noir was inspired by the film genre of the same name. Pete was having something of a film noir and steampunk phase at the time that these songs were written. He had also recently completed a steampunk novel, called Cello, which we hope to help publish someday.

In terms of the film genre, the word ‘noir’ means something more like ‘dark’, rather than its literal meaning of ‘black’. Dark Company have always tended towards darkness, both in their lyrical tongue-in-cheek gallows humour, and in the sense of their Bohemian night-creature sounds and empathy.

You might notice that the songs have been arranged alphabetically on the Noir album. This is because the digital files were stored in this order and when they all played and we became accustomed to that particular running order, it seemed like a extremely good and appropriate one. Dark Company decided they’d like to keep the songs in that order on the album as it worked well, and we agreed.

We shall let you know if there are any developments to the Noir album on Twitter and in our News service. Dark Company also have their own Twitter feed which you might like to follow too. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these unfinished works the way they are just now.

01 Alarm Clock
02 All The Parties
03 Cable Guy
04 Change the Light
05 Code Red
06 Coloured Drum
07 Dead Generation
08 FBI
09 Mainstream Man
10 Meat Grinder
11 Mirror Mirror on the Wall
12 Now or Never
13 Please Try Later!
14 Right
15 Sailor
16 Those Like Us
17 Tilt
18 Up West