Dark Company: new Dark Company merch store opens!

A new Dark Company merch store for our fantastic band has opened at Redbubble. This follows the removal last month of the Dark Company designs from the Wud Records merch store, which is also on Redbubble. Flicker have their own merch store there as well.

Right now, everything is 20% off until 7th March at 07:00 UTC. You can grab a real bargain and look super cool, as well as helping support one of your favourite bands.

The New Dark Company Merch Store

There are all kinds of quality products on sale. From t-shirts and phone cases, to shower curtains and backpacks, to pet blankets and stickers, to travel mugs and wall art – whatever you are in need of, why not support your favourite band and look really cool at the same time?

The new Dark Company merch store opens with no less than 30 fabulous original designs! Of these, 28 belong to two separate collections – the Signmaker collection, and the Rage in Heaven collection.

Those of you who follow our News service will remember this post, when we announced that one of Pete’s amazing digital artworks had been assigned to every Dark Company song.

Each Dark Company song features a piece of amazing, wonderful, original artwork by the band’s lyricist Peter Greatorex. You can see these in Dark Company’s albums at SoundCloud most easily, as well as the first two Dark Company albums which are available for download at Bandcamp.

Additionally, all of the Dark Company artworks are contained within a series of eight galleries. You can enjoy perusing your way through all of them at your leisure by clicking here.

There are sixteen songs on the Signmaker album, so each of those sixteen songs has a corresponding design. That means there are seventeen designs in the Signmaker collection – one for each track plus the album cover.

The same is true of the Rage in Heaven collection. The Rage in Heaven collection features eleven designs – one for each track and the album cover.

Dark Company‘s esoteric magikal glyph, inspired by the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, is a separate design. It is very distinctive and easily recognisable. This comes in two different design styles right now. One is the glyph on its own, the other is with the band’s name in gold lettering.

One of the things we particularly love about the designs is the way they work on some of the products. Especially cool is the asymetrical nature of the way some designs look. The socks, bags and leggings are particularly striking.

For some of the items, a repeating pattern seemed to work best.

If you are interested in a particular design on a particular item, but it’s somehow not quite right, we can help. We can make minor custom changes specifically to suit your needs, such as resizings and repeatings, and in some cases, a change of background colour. Please let us know via Dark Company’s email – darkcompany @ wudrecords dot co dot uk – what you would like changed and we shall try to work with you to a satisfactory conclusion.

There is a certain cool factor embedded in the obscurity of the designs. They are enigmatic images, very often abstract, rather than being obviously from a band. Those who know, will know. That includes you, obviously. Now you can look uber-cool and wear or own pieces of merch associated with your favourite songs on the albums.

The Alien Heat collection will be added next. You can preview the artwork whilst listening to the work-in-progress Alien Heat album at SoundCloud. We are working towards finishing and releasing this album as soon as we can. All significant updates will be announced in our News service and on Twitter.

Of course, we shall continue to work with Dark Company and add further designs to the new Dark Company merch store in the coming weeks and months. Some of the Dark Company designs will be temporary, so we recommend snapping up some cool and unique merch while you have the opportunity. We shall post notices of changes and updates on Twitter and in our News service, so please keep an eye on both of those.

We believe all of these designs look fantastic and work absolutely brilliantly. You do not even need to like Dark Company’s music to want to own some of these items!

Free Music When You Order!

We are making a very special offer to all merch store customers. Free digital songs and albums for everyone who orders merch from our shops!

Here’s how it works.

First, you order your ‘thing’. When you receive your order, share a photo of yourself (or your pet, a friend, or your environment) with the item you receive on your social media. Let us know where you shared it so we can find it and share it on our social media as well.

At the same time, email us (info @ wudrecords.co.uk) to let us know what music you would like from our catalogue. Please put something in the subject bar to make it easy for us to recognise your email. Hopefully it won’t land in our spam folder!

You can choose digital copies of any song (one track for orders up to 10 Euros, three tracks for orders up to 20 euros) or an album/EP (for orders over 20 Euros) by any of our current or legacy bands. Please note that we cannot send anything by our Archive bands for copyright reasons.

We will let you know by return email how you can receive the music. This will vary from one track or album to another, and may also depend on the artist. The process will be very straightforward and will require an absolute minimum of technical know-how on your part. We will do what we can to help if you encounter difficulties. We will never share your details with anyone.


Each line below here is clickable and will take you to the corresponding collection or design. The title of the associated artwork by the band’s frontman and co-founder Peter Greatorex follows the title of the Dark Company song.

If you would like to visit the new Dark Company merch store, you can do so by clicking here.

The Dark Company glyph with band name
The Dark Company glyph alone

The Signmaker collection
Signmaker album cover
Killer – Red Splat 1
Astrologer – Icy Eye
Second Sight – Pearleye
Animal House – Anteaters and Hedgehogs
Armed & Dangerous – Arrows of the Sun
Future Sadness Past – Mushroom Baby
Crash – Crash
Killer (Digital RMX) – Red Splat 2
Astrologer (Kiddies’ TV From Hell RMX) – Spring Eye
Armed & Dangerous (Digital RMX) – Bassett Space
Armed & Dubwise – Bassett Space (Sucked 2)
Crash (Eastenders RMX) – Dark Company Volume I
Dangerous Dub – Bassett Space (Alien Seed)
The Joker (demo) – Bite Me!
Blue House (laughter version) – Mondo Smile
Killer (classic blort) – Green Splat 1

The Rage in Heaven collection
Rage in Heaven album cover
Sacrifice – Calvary Cross 2
Medicines – Musical Flowers
Stimulants – Bad Habits (Stimulants)
Golden Eye – Spiral Night 3
Terminal Road – Road to Ruin
Spoiler – Hole in the Wall
Lookin’ Bad – Flowerspear
Under the Hill – Thistledown
The Forger – What Lies Beneath
Last Train to Heaven – UFO

Here are a few examples – click the thumbnails to enlarge your view.