Monthly Charts

Monthly Charts pages at Wud Records are all the playlists of the most popular tracks published by Wud Records since we first started using SoundCloud as our site mp3 player. Archive tracks and bonus tracks are ignored, but all legacy and current bands’ tracks are included.

There have been many surprises along the way as to what has been popular and what has not, and that is not for us to judge. Our job in this case is to simply collate statistics and create playlists from the data we receive.

There are many things about SoundCloud that we like, such as its usability and flexibility and the awesome community of mutually supportive independent musicians, labels, producers, composers and so on. SoundCloud’s data and flexibility allows us to easily create new monthly playlists, which we can then use as the default player on our site so that visitors can hear what is currently hot.

The way we have created these playlists has changed over time. To start with, the monthly charts included Bandcamp tracks and used only play data. As time went on we stopped including data from sites other than SoundCloud and more recently have weighted the results according to plays, likes, downloads, comments and reposts. Data from Bandcamp is included again too. Our methods will no doubt continue to change and develop as the universe moves forward.

When one looks through these playlists, one can see tracks that gain popularity and then the popularity wains. Others seems to be fairly constant and are among our most popular tracks for years, rather than months. It’s interesting to see these trends and the way they develop.

Each page has links to the artist and track featured, so simply click to find out more. We hope you enjoy these compilations!

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