Alien Heat (beta mixes) (1993)

Alien Heat by Dark Company.

This album was a tribute to Alien Heat, the band which came before Dark Company. It features 16 songs that the band Alien Heat at least partially wrote during their odyssey, which lasted from 1989 to 1990. Two of the founder members of that band, Pete and George, founded Dark Company in 1991. Both of them were involved in the writing of all the songs Alien Heat ever created, and they wanted to try to take those great songs forward instead of just letting them die.

There are several songs that originated from the band Alien Heat that Dark Company did not include in this collection. They are Alien Heat, Ulysses and Twilight Dancer (lost lyrics and nobody could remember how all of these songs went), Odd and Badass Boogie (nobody could reproduce Marc’s amazing original basslines), and Joe Right (Alien Heat never agreed on a definitive version). Ulysses is slated to appear on the Old Hands album as an instrumental because, apart from Pete, we all liked it rather a lot, and in a live sense it runs together with Crash beautifully.

Several songs on this album never made it into Alien Heat’s set for one reason or another. Where Are You, Alpha Omega and The Winds of Heaven were all songs that were conceived in Marc’s tiny cluttered bedroom in Countess Weir in the earliest days of Alien Heat, but never entirely made it to the full ensemble due largely to the proliferation of fresh lyrics that seemed to constantly pour forth from Pete’s mighty pen. Prisoner was the last complete new song Alien Heat managed to play all the way from start to finish before the band ended. Marc along with George and Pete had created the bones of Traveller. Mister Dream started to become a song when Pete went round to visit George one day. Some of the music for Bodyfire and The Joker existed before Dark Company was founded, but exactly how much is now lost to the mists of time. The others are all songs that Alien Heat performed and the entire album has been arranged in the best-guess approximate chronological order of the birth of the songs.

These are the alpha/beta mixes of the material we are currently working on. These mixes are very much ‘work in progress’ and we thought you might like to have the opportunity to hear these fantastic songs the way they stand at the moment. Inevitably they will sound different when fully recorded, mixed and mastered.

Updates to the Alien Heat album will become available as and when more work is done. New versions of the songs will be uploaded and will replace the older versions. We will continue to let you know when we have done this in the Wud Records News service and on Twitter. Dark Company have their own separate Twitter feed which you may also like to follow.

01 Abnormal
02 Ship to Shore
03 Where Are You
04 Dancin’ in the Dark
05 Alpha Omega
06 The Winds of Heaven
07 Asylum Child
08 Easy Street
09 Jigsaw
10 Wonderlust
11 Crash
12 Prisoner
13 Bodyfire
14 The Joker
15 Mister Dream
16 Traveller