Bad Habits (beta mixes) (2009)

Bad Habits by Dark Company.

Bad Habits was the first album of new material from Dark Company since 2002. These songs were all born during 2008 and most of them are beta mixes or are approaching the pre-mastering stage. We shall update them as and when they are worked on and make news posts to keep you informed. We love this album, and we hope you will too!

Bad Habits is an amazing album. It amazed us at Wud Records, because even after a prolonged break Dark Company maintained their sound and style, and if anything, this comeback album was as strong as any of their best works. Their style is quite difficult to quantify and label as they tend not to have too many consecutive tracks of the same genre on an album, yet somehow there is a consistency in their creations that makes their unique sound instantly recognisable, whether they are playing rock, reggae, jazz, electronic dance music, or any other style.

The saying ‘bad habits die hard’ spawned the title of this album. A number of George’s and Pete’s closest friends were highly skeptical about their reunion for various reasons. However, over time it became more and more clear that it had been the right thing to do as more fantastic original Dark Company songs were born. The pair always tended to gravitate towards each other given time, and those that disapproved were unable to understand or even handle that fact.

Pete was well-known for the addiction he had endured and lived alongside since his teenage years, which seemed like another reason to choose the Bad Habits title for the album. Although Pete was in quite a bad way health-wise by the time he and George started making music again in 2008, the songs Dark Company made helped give him the strength to defy the predictions of the medics. He survived for several years longer than his healthcare professionals had said he would, and we can all be glad about the creative legacy his borrowed time allowed him to leave behind.

01 Tip the Rest
02 Whisky Priest
03 Pale Sky
04 Buick Visions
05 Nightshifters
06 Days Like These
07 Knowing, We Are
08 Pick It Up
09 More Or Less
10 A Pocket Full of Rye
11 Road Tripped
12 Don’t Look Down
13 Way to Go
14 One Heart
15 Night Man
16 Amanita Alice