Alien Heat: albums updated

The Alien Heat albums at Bandcamp and SoundCloud have been updated a little in terms of their content. Both the Red Rug Demo and Alien Heat’s live Essential collection have undergone refurbishment. We hope that this will enable fans to find the music more easily as well as giving more consistent information.

We plan to upgrade the content of our other pages at Bandcamp and SoundCloud as well in the coming days and weeks. We shall bring you news of these updates in our News service.

One of the things that made Alien Heat such a remarkable and exciting band was the extremely disparate nature of its members, all of whom were fabulous musicians and/or composers in their own right. The various tensions and personality clashes between band members, who were once close friends and shared flats and life experiences together, and the energy which that created in a close environment, made for an explosive partnership that was all too short-lived.

It is curious how times change. Few of the band are able to bear even thinking about each other for even one moment, let alone spending time in each other’s company these days it seems.

To listen to Essential by Alien Heat, which is a collection of their live songs, please click here for Bandcamp (where you can download and own a copy of the album or order a CD), here for SoundCloud, and here to listen at Wud Records.

To listen to the Red Rug Demo by Alien Heat, which was their only proper studio recording session, please click here for Bandcamp (downloads and CDs avaialble), here for SoundCloud, and here for Wud Records.

Further details of Alien Heat, including their biography and some photos, can be found here at Wud Records. There is also song information and official lyrics available at Explicit Music.