The Bastard Sons of Dennis: return to top form

The Bastard Sons of Dennis and their return to top form continues! They have now had two rehearsals in the space of a week, having not had one for around three and a half years before that. They have been through just about all of their previous songs over the two rehearsals and seem to be able to remember most of the parts. Apparently they were sounding even better than last week, according to our admin team, who could hear all the goings on as the boys had left the studio doors open.

As well as their previous songs sounding great, there are several new ones in the melting pot. These include one Blue Oyster Cult song (Flaming Telepaths from the wonderful Secret Treaties album) and a handful of originals. There are only about three of four tracks that have not had the dust and spiderlings blown off them, so a full set is a definite possibility.

With all things being well, some of their recordings, which have lain dormant for a few years, will be completed soon. This will hopefully complete their two unfinished albums, both on Bandcamp. If you would like to hear Cosy Lube Turtle, their Blue Oyster Cult covers album, as it stands right now, you can click here. If you would like to listen to Cherry Smoke Empire, an album of original tracks, you can do so by clicking here.

As for a return to the stage, The Bastard Sons of Dennis should be ready for a live performance in the very near future given the present rate of progress. They have played at many open mic sessions in the past and are not terribly keen to do much more of that as they find the format of such events rather tiresome. We will explore the possibilities with them of other feasible types of performances, such as being an opening act for other artistes, solo full-length performances or performing live at multi-band events. Whatever the outcome of these wranglings may be, we shall keep you informed in the Wud Records News Service and on Twitter.

There is also the possibility that Andy may be away for a few weeks in the New Year, which will slow the progress of The Bastard Sons of Dennis. However, all in all, we feel very positive about the continuing return to action and form of this fabulous duo.