The Bastard Sons of Dennis: sabbatical ended

The Bastard Sons of Dennis ended their prolonged sabbatical yesterday. It has been over three years since their previous live performance, at Sidmouth Festival in August 2013.

First they turned their guitars upside down and shook them until nearly all of the spiderlings fell out of the soundholes. Confused by the bright light and oncoming sonic waves, the wretched creatures scattered everywhere and ran about, this way and that, eventually hiding for cover behing the Trouser Press of Bewilderment, twitching and dribbling.

What then followed was an extraordinary rehearsal of seven hours during which the duo found they could still play an E and an A chord, even at 432hz, and could even remember (some of) some of their songs. There were a few new ones in there as well for good measure. They were a little rusty but still sounded awesome! All in all it was glorious. We feel very privileged to be witness to this reunion.

With more of the same already planned and a feeling that it will take a relatively small effort to raise the overall standard to a decent level, we feel hopeful that some finished recordings, videos, and live performances may all be possibilities in the forthcoming weeks and months. Any significant developments will be broadcast in our News service and on Twitter.

Once described as “arguably among the finest acoustic Blue Oyster Cult cover duos in the EX4 area (excluding Pinhoe)”, The Bastard Sons of Dennis have their own Twitter account and you can follow them by clicking here.

If you would like to see some of The Bastard Sons of Dennis in action performing live at various venues, you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel here.

You can also download two of their albums from Bandcamp. If you click here you will go to their collection of Blue Oyster Cult covers, titled Cosy Lube Turtle. If you click here you will go to their collection of original songs, called Cherry Smoke Empire.