The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (Los Muebles) on SoundCloud

The Furniture (Los Muebles) by The Bastard Sons of Dennis has been added to our catalogue of tracks at SoundCloud.

The Furniture (Los Muebles) was first released as part of the Cherry Smoke Empire album in 2012. It is a song in nine parts that was collated into one whole song and released as a single in 2017.

It is a very unusual song for several reasons. It is over twelve minutes long and is mostly comprised of two acoustic guitars and two voices, with a few spot effects added here and there. It is also sung both in Spanish by Mr Lijkkes and in English by Mr Nation. There is no drum machine or autotuner anywhere to be heard. All of these factors made us think it would be an ideal single as it fits none of the criteria of the mainstream music industry.

The Furniture (Los Muebles) is a traditional northern Spanish sea shanty from the Asturias region. It tells a tale of how a dysfunctional family of linguistically challenged fishermen lost and then found some furniture following a flood, and the consequences.

Linguistically challenged means, in this case, they were not terribly bright and could not even speak their own language very well.

The Spanish version has been loosely translated into English by The Bastard Sons of Dennis.

From an idea by Daniel Richardson.

This song and its anomalies of translation make a great teaching aid if one happens to have students learning English or Spanish. If you happen to use it as a teaching aid, we would be fascinated to hear about what you did and how the lesson went!

You can download The Furniture (Los Muebles) from Bandcamp for just one Euro by clicking here.

A full set of lyrics for The Furniture (Los Muebles) is available from the Explicit Music website, which you can reach by clicking here. SoundCloud does not permit enough accompanying text for the lyrics to be included at their website.

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If you would like to listen to The Furniture (Los Muebles) by The Bastard Sons of Dennis on SoundCloud, you can do so by clicking here.