The Chillun: new photo gallery created

The Chillun photo gallery is a new gallery of photographs of The Chillun. It has been created and added to The Chillun’s pages in the Wud Records Archives. It is a real pleasure to see The Chillun in action again. They were such a fabulous band back in the day, with a big following.

Recently our old friend and undisputed grand ubermeister of the camera lens Cliff Smith, of Cliff Smith Photography fame, came upon some folders of his old photos. He very kindly got in touch and sent us a few photos of The Chillun that he had found. They are all rather historic photos as The Chillun were performing from around 1982 to 1988.

We are very hopeful that more photos of The Chillun will be found and sent to us in the future. As and when they appear, we shall add them to The Chillun photo gallery. Of course, we shall let fans of The Chillun know of any such finds in our News service and on Twitter

The Chillun were a fantastic blues and rock band that played all around the Exeter area in the 1980s. They were a magnificent quartet who always put on a great show. The Chillun were perhaps best known for their residency at The Port Royal in Exeter, where they played every other Sunday night for a couple of years.

Charismatic rakish frontman Andrew “Angus” Russe wrote many of the band’s songs. He sang and played the Stratocaster guitar. Nick Banwell played solid bass and did backing vocals. Martin “Boggy” Gorman was the band’s drummer and what a fine player he was.

Steve Clarke was the keyboard player who also contributed backing vocals, often with a Nigel Tufnell style finger in the ear. His other quirk was to use an old ironing board for a keyboard stand. You might be just about be able to spot this phenomena in The Chillun photo gallery. Steve left the area – and the band – in about 1984. The Chillun continued from that point on as a three-piece.

You can listen to the songs by The Chillun that we have collected and published whilst enjoying looking at photos of them in their new gallery. Just click here to go to the page.