Clonk!: photos of Emma uploaded

Photos of Emma from Clonk! have been discovered recently, whilst unpacking a box from our move away from the uk in 2017. We have no information regarding who the photographer was or the date and location of the shoot, but we do recollect that Clonk! were considering using them as elements of the cover art for their recorded music and in their EPK.

Whilst the original full-colour digital photos of Emma are now probably lying somewhere on a hard drive at her home, wherever that may be these days, the copies we have are ones that she printed out in black and white on her printer. It looks from the fold lines on the pictures as if they were stuffed into an envelope and delivered to George, her musical partner in Clonk! and Flicker, and then they remained languishing in a folder of assorted Clonk! material for a time.

One can clearly see in one of the scans a message that Emma has written by hand to explain the delivery: “Here are some of the best pics from the photoshoot. My printer’s a bit crappy so had to do it in black and white and they’re a bit wonky!”

We managed to unwonkulate them a little and touched them up a bit to compensate for the vaguaries of her dot-matrix. All in all they are not too bad, fold-lines and everything considered. The quality may not be super-fantastic, but we tend to feel it’s better to have something visual in the way of photos of Emma to share with fans and remember her by than nothing at all.

Should we ever manage to discover, or complete, or somehow release any more material by Clonk!, it is possible that some parts of this photographic find may be used as part of the package artwork, as originally planned. We shall of course inform fans of Clonk! of any such future developments via our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to see the photos of Emma from Clonk! that we uploaded, please click here. You can listen to the awesome demo of Clonk! at the same time whilst listening.

If you would like to listen to the awesome music of Clonk! without looking at the new photos, you can do so by clicking here.