Critical Error: three bonus tracks

Three bonus tracks have been added to Critical Error‘s Eponymous album from 1987. The three songs in question are Scratch the Image, Cry Like a Wolf and Wild.

We decided, after some deliberation along with Critical Error, to add them onto the end of the Eponymous album rather than make a new EP.

The release of these exclusive recordings is fabulous news for fans of Critical Error as these songs are not available anywhere else.

It’s true that the sound quality isn’t great. The audio came from cassettes that were over 30 years old. We did as much as we could to enhance it.

The important thing here is that the performances are simply wonderful, captivating audio photographs from another time. Rosie’s singing is especially fabulous. We hope you will enjoy hearing these songs as much as we did!

Wild is especially exclusive. It was the very last song that Critical Error ever wrote together. It was only ever performed live once, at the Black Horse in Exeter in the summer of 1995. This recording is therefore a bootleg of that one and only performance.

The three bonus tracks all feature the classic Critical Error lineup of Rosie Mullin on voice, Steve Mavin on voice and guitar, Aidan Whiteley on guitar and Allan Veal on bass.

Stuart “The Amazing Blind Screaming Blue Stu” Cannon joins the quartet on harmonica for Scratch the Image. Stuart was a wandering free-spirited harmonica player who would often step up and join a band for a song or two. He became a regular feature with our legacy band Rough Terrain and their black-humoured song Coping With The Runs In Mexico Blues.

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