Dark Company: album opener compilation

We have created a brand new album opener compilation for Dark Company, which is now the default SoundCloud playlist at all of Dark Company’s pages here at Wud Records that are not album-specific.

Our regular visitors will know all too well that our old in-house mp3 player, the (previously) wonderful Flamplayer, is now broken beyond all repair and is no longer supported by its developers. What a pity.

The search for a solution to this unfortunate situation led us to SoundCloud, with whom we have developed a splendid sonic partnership. With an ever-growing fanbase and an expanding collection of playlists at SoundCloud we sincerely hope they do not simply disappear, as has been suggested in the music press in recent times. Fingers and other protuberances crossed please.

Dark Company‘s default playlists tend to change from time to time and we shall be bringing you further such playlists in the future, as well as keeping an archive of old compilations at SoundCloud. Subscribing to our News service will mean you need never miss any such developments.

You can enjoy this album opener compilation by visiting any of Dark Company’s pages that do not have their own specific player. Their homepage here at Wud Records is a good example, and you can visit that page by clicking here.

If you would like to listen to Dark Company’s album opener compilation at SoundCloud, perhaps whilst exploring other playlists we have uploaded there, you can do so by clicking here.