Dark Company: alpha mixes uploaded

In order to allow Dark Company’s fans to hear what we’ve been working on for the last while, we’ve uploaded a whole heap of alpha mixes for you to enjoy. They are the complete albums of Can of Worms, Mind Dance and Noir. :)

Can of Worms is a collection of rather splendid older songs that tended to be largely ignored by the band during their first two incarnations, although there are a couple of exceptions that Jeff and George developed a little on the Atari during the days of Dark Company II. Mind Dance was only ever demoed with Sammi singing as well as Pete in Dark Company’s third incarnation. Noir is the very newest collection of Dark Company’s songs which we hope to finish and release in 2010. This is your very first opportunity to hear the Noir songs. There is plenty of fabulous material contained within these three albums and we’re sure that you’ll find some of your own personal favourites among them.

All of these albums are in the relatively early stages and we will endeavour to update and upload whenever possible. At the moment Pete is concentrating on recording Ghost of the Art and Noir before his medical issues slow his progress. George is working mostly on Bad Habits and Sven is almost at the end of Mind Dance.

Max recently gave us a CD of all the photos she took of the band earlier this year and there are some excellent shots among them. We shall be uploading them soon, along with the ones taken by Phil last month. Firstly however we plan to reorganise the Dark Company galleries a little during the forthcoming upload of the new site design as they have grown to a vast sprawling mass. It will be easier to locate all the images once this has been done.

We are hoping that Dark Company may be making an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Up All Night programme with Dotun Adebayo and Jamie Stangroom. Make sure you check back regularly for all the latest news.