Dark Company: A Pocket Full of Rye and Don’t Look Down

New mixes of two of Dark Company’s songs from the forthcoming Bad Habits album have been uploaded to the Wud Records website. They can be found in the default Flamplayer as well as the Bad Habits Flamplayer, and one of them (Don’t Look Down) is the opener for the Heavenly Harmonicas compilation on the Dark Company’s homepage here at Wud Records. The two songs are both fine examples of Pete’s lyrical tongue-in-cheek gallows humour.

Don’t Look Down is a mad bluesy rock number with a saucy shuffle and a harp that sounds like it was blown by a hurricane. A Pocket Full of Rye is a kick-ass folk song in the tradition of bands such as The Levellers and The Pogues. We hope you enjoy them both and will return soon as we shall have more songs from the Bad Habits album finished and uploaded in the near future.