Dark Company: latest studio news

At the end of the first week of Dark Company’s Nine Week Plan there has been some good progress. Perhaps not as much as would have been liked, but of quality rather than quantity.

Pete’s vocals for Clear Day and Cover Up from the Can of Worms collection were recorded. Cover Up has a changed feel as a result of the recording process, producing a darker, more sombre sound, conjuring images of a damp drizzly dusk by a river in the centre of some large central European city. Sven did a fantastic job with the percussives at short notice. Some of the lyrics were changed and the chorus was dispensed with altogether.

The first song of the Noir collection has had the vocals fixed too. During a moment of serendipity a vocal part from the chorus became intertwined with a verse and thus a whole new realm of weirdity became manifest.  It was a special moment, the beginning of the final recordings of the newest works. Pete has not stopped writing, or talking, so who knows…